Notch Coding Prelude of the Chambered

This was originally streamed on August 20th 2021 on
A land long gone.
Thank you to Nicklaus Löf for archiving the first part.
I tried to use machine learning to upscale the video
But none of the results gave me satisfactory results
So this is it ladies and gentlemen.
At least the audio is good on this one lol

Brutal! The first part is finally out, great job Hike,
i have all of the jam games from Notch
Some of them updated with resolutions and being adappted
The one i can’t find is Bunny Press
If you know something about it please let me know.
Fantastic work :]

when you start to learning programming basics and logic,
and you go to watch this video
you start to understand what he is doing
edited: It’s bad to watch this at poor quality
but at least we can see this man working.

If you want to fix Notch flickering problem at 37:32
Just put the frame properties in this order

I found it quite pressurising that he did all the boilerplate
code that I would normally not have to do if I was using something like
Of course, Processing isn’t for such professional use, but it was fun
to see some actual Java code anyway, :o!…
Thank you for the VOD, “;D!
Edit: this is REALLY me when programming.

Thank you for uploading all the streams he did to youtube.
Does he streams again building something to twitch?

3D stuff in 3 hours… Super cool!

Can anyone make a guide on how to build this?

21:52 when he starts.

Can anyone tell me the math or programming technique
or idea behind the workings
of the renderFloor() method
around 1:11:06? I mean,
how does he convert to 3D
from a 2D set of pixels?


- 13 Aug 2022

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