Katherine Ryan Was Fired From Hooters For What? | Big Fat Quiz


…but she did open the first Hooters branch in England!

Katherine Ryan’s reason for getting fired is the funniest thing I’ve heard for some time!

This sequence of interactions has got to be the funniest of the series!

0:30. I actually thought Richard Ayoade said Noel Fielding’s first job was ‘being cute’

As a Canadian I can relate to Katherines struggle.

“Club Sandwiches not seals” is pure gold.

Noel is so much funnier when he isn’t paired with Russell Brand.

Aw bless! David got to use his joke! He’s so miserable when he can’t use it so it was nice that he got the chance.

Always wondered how the knocker upper timed it so the first guy
wouldn’t be wakened really early and the last one with barely time
to get dressed before work.
Maybe the went to the furthest away house first?

This is my favorite episode of bfq ever. So much personality across the panel.

What’s a baby seal’s favourite drink?
Canadian club on the rocks.

British humour is the best.

my favourite thing to do atm is eat an edible and watch Katherine Ryan moments

Hooters supports clubbing seals

contestants never heckled Alex Trebec like that, saying he looked like a seal

Took me a few seconds to understand what she wrote

Saw jimmy being interviewed on Australian television two nights ago,
he’s had so much “work” he looks like
a freak.

She says “You’re welcome.” Like she thinks introducing Hooters to the UK was a good thing.

Katherine AND Aisling together…. good night.
By anyone’s standards

I find myself loosing all respect with everybody concerned with that program.
Funny they might, be but the insult they deliver to the public by pretending
that they didn’t instantly recognize a knocker upper beggars belief,
and demonstrates just how little respect modern broadcasters have
for the audience.

I feel like Noel would go out red dungaree’s now

Is this what people who watch TV consider to be comedy?
Goodness me!
Some people make their money easily these days.
Your mind must be scrambled if you watch this tripe.
I don’t watch TV but these ’try too hard” people have been around since Adam.
Then again, it’s the familiar faces you had seen constantly projected into your home
that have become your ‘friends’, the people you think you know,
the people you would like to socialise with,
the very people who wouldn’t entertain your friendship in reality.
Or maybe you watch to be effected by the audience’s fake ‘studio’ laughter
just to add some cheer to your little life. Pathetic.


- 13 Aug 2022

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