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Tuesday, 9 May 2023

If there are too many unknowns to set a committed or aspirational OKR, consider using a learning OKR instead. Rather than setting a goal around what you are striving to accomplish, a learning OKR frames it around what you are trying to learn. Create and implement a mix of these as you chart your business course.

article about passwords

from: https://infosec.exchange/@epixoip/110309336934641249 epixoip@infosec.exchange - Happy #WorldPasswordDay!

I’ve cracked billions of #passwords from tens of thousands of #data #breaches in the past 12+ years, and because of this, I likely know at least one #password for 90% of people on the Internet. And I’m not alone! While I primarily crack breached passwords for research purposes and the thrill of the sport, others are selling your breached passwords to criminals who leverage them in #AccountTakeover and #CredentialStuffing attacks.

How can you keep your accounts safe?

In my case: adding the parameter –cookies-from-browser firefox:~/.mozilla/firefox/ to the command line-

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