Tuesday, 18 April 2023

I need to do some updating to this journal because a couple of days ago I implemented a matrix server and I need to document it.

Setting up heisenbrige bridge for our matrix synapse server follows

  1. Set up a new tmux session on the domain called heisenbridge.
  2. Created a new directory at ~/heisenbridge-config.
  3. Followed the instructions at https://github.com/hifi/heisenbridge to create a new virtualenv at ~/.virtualenvs for heisenbridge and then created the config file with python -m heisenbridge -c /path/to/synapse/config/heisenbridge.yaml --generate.
  4. Pointed the synapse config (/etc/matrix-synapse/homeserver.yaml) to to this heisenbridge config file such that the config file now includes this. The additional line is the app_service_config_files entry:
   - /home/lemon/heisenbridge-config/heisenbridge.yaml
   - port: 8008
     tls: false
     type: http
     x_forwarded: true
     bind_addresses: ['::1', '']
       - names: [client, federation]
         compress: false
   name: psycopg2
     user: USER
     password: PASSWORD
     database: synapse
     host: localhost
     cp_min: 5
     cp_max: 10
 log_config: "/etc/matrix-synapse/log.yaml"
 media_store_path: /var/lib/matrix-synapse/media
 signing_key_path: "/etc/matrix-synapse/homeserver.signing.key"
   - server_name: "DOMAIN"
  1. I restarted synapse with sudo systemctl restart matrix-synapse.service (or similar).
  2. Inside the tmux session for heisenbridge, started heisenbridge with python -m heisenbridge -c /path/to/synapse/config/heisenbridge.yaml.
  3. Then started a DM inside Element to @heisenbridge:DOMAIN.
  4. Then I joined LiberaChat network with ADDNETWORK LiberaCHat, ADDSERVER LiberaChat irc.eu.libera.chat 6697 --tls, OPEN LiberaChat.
  5. A new LiberaChat window opened and the next job was to connect to LiberaChat. At first this was a pain because of SASL authentication. I looked in pass etc for all ZNC, Libera passwords and tried one, but it didn’t work. So I dug through the existing (but dormant, because it isn’t running) ZNC config on DOMAIN to find my Libera SASL credentials and eventually found it, deep inside .znc/ on the server. I connected by doing SASL --username yulqen --password PASSWORD in element, then doing CONNECT. I have saved the SASL credentials for Libera in pass.
  6. Then you join an IRC channel with JOIN #django and bob is your uncle.
  7. This will need to be revisited when I reboot DOMAIN.
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