18 July 2022


The one about the non-binaries on a boat… Overlooking the pronouns and the communism, I certainly share many of the values related to free and open software, the right to repair and simplicity. Kudos to them for writing their web site in C, too. Lots to assimilate in here.

OpenBSD WebZine

I think this is at least co-run by Solene of OpenBSD fame. Interesting to browse through a few articles about my current favourite operating system - some of which will end up referenced in these pages.

Low Tech Magazine

Still to dig into this one.

Small, Sharp Tools

And this one.

A Monster List of Tools on GitHub

Not its official title but mine. This is an awesome curation of technical tooling, many of which adhere to the Unix philosophy, etc and therefore pass my hipster test.

- 18 Jul 2022

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