Git diff with vimdiff

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

git difftool

You could just do:

git difftool --tool=vimdiff --no-prompt

This will open git diff in vim.

To tell git to always use vimdiff:

git-config --global diff.tool vimdiff git-config --global merge.tool vimdiff

Omit --global to set these for the repo in the working directory.

Once these settings are set, you can do git difftool to launch it.

Another useful config is difftool.prompt - this will stop Vim prompting about launching vimdiff:

git-config --global difftool.prompt false

Basic vimdiff

]c - next difference
[c - previous difference
do - diff obtain
dp - diff put
zo - open folded text
zc - close folded text
:diffupdate - re-scan the files for differences \


By default, vimdiff opens both file in READONLY mode. To be able to make changes to the file, do :set noro in vim, which will remove READONLY.

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