My default applications 2023

Sunday, 12 November 2023

Inspired by

Type Description
Operating system: Arch Linux (on desktop and laptops); Debian on servers
Window manager: i3
Web browser: Librewolf, Firefox
Web feed client: Newsboat
Source code: Source Hut
Bookmark manager: quicknote - the source of many quicknotes
Email client: aerc
Email provider: Purelymail
Calendar: Khal
Contact book: Khard
CalDAV/CardDAV provider: Radicale
Instant messaging: Dendrite (Matrix)
Audio and video calls: NA
Cloud storage: NA (at present)
Password manager: pass, Bitwarden
Terminal emulator: xfce4-terminal
Shell: Bash
Text editor: vim - RIP Bram Moolenaar
Word processing: vim, Pandoc
Code editing/IDE: vim
Notes: vim
To-do application: taskwarrior
Music player: mpd, ncmpcpp, mpv
Video player: mpv
Podcast client: Antennapod
File manager: Bash
Photo management: Darktable
Budgeting/finances: hledger
Shopping list: Microsoft To-do - to sync with my wife
Meal planning: Trello
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