Being on the left of the bell curve

Monday, 22 August 2022

Once I took a IQ test and I came out slightly to the left of the peak of the bell curve. Acordingly, I can claim that I am slightly below average intelligence. That’s a good thing.

At first I was surprised because like everyone else I chanced that I was slightly more intelligent than the next guy. I had this thought when I was taking the test - I knew I was getting the majority of the questions right. But of course I wasn’t.

Later on, I realised that in groups of people - at work or wherever - I often play dumb. I like to listen and stay quiet, even when the topic of conversation is about something I know well or have an opinion on.

I prefer to hear people, to find out how they do things, what they think, or how they deal with situations. I have my own views, but find it boring hearing my own voice saying something that I already know. No surprises, and bland. And I don’t learn anything.

Most people don’t really listen anyway. They’re too busy thinking about what they want to say next.

Even if the IQ test is wrong, there’s no harm in believing that you’re on the left of the bell curve. More listening, more learning, less talking.

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