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Yulqen is a deliberate misspelling of an Autechre song I like.

I currently live in Berwick-upon-Tweed. I enjoy technology & software (the free, as in speech, kind), programming, music, photography, rugby, animals, poetry and books. I am something of a minimalist and do most things in a terminal, although recently I’ve started to use Emacs more. I am a pescatarian but will eat meat if sufficiently drunk and (apparently) starving.

This is my umpteenth web site and it will dutifully disappear in time. It is currently created using Hugo making it: blazing fast, not Wordpress, static, light (no JS, therefore no BS), driven by Go and rsyncable.

Meaty, permanent and sustaining wisdom is filed inside Blog. Ephemeral nonsense goes in Stream, my antisocial feed. Neither qualification is a given. Sometimes the really good stuff may leak out into the dailies! RSS remains the syndication tool of choice.

Quick pics will be processed using only ImageMagick but I do like GIMP and if I start putting up photos in earnest, GIMP wil be the one.

I have three cats that kill.

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